Available in a wide variety of metals and unlimited shapes.

Sectional Flight Additional Features

Standard Flight

Manufactured to our client’s specific requests to meet requirements of their various fields of application. The ends can be grinded and/or beveled to ensure proper connections. These are manufactured from a cut of a steel sheet and then based on the material, can be hot or cold pressed and shaped.

Notched Flight

Generally used for the agitation and/or blending of different material curing the initial conveying process. The outer cutting is usually in regular intervals, often combined with paddles, promotes aggressive mixing of bulk materials.

Ribbon Flight

Excellent to convey sticky materials, inner cuttings are usually in regular intervals prevent products build up on the flight-pipe interface. Proper connection of subsequent sections is guaranteed by perfect repeatability.

Saw Toothed Flight

Motridal laser technology ensures accurate outer cutting in regular intervals. Saw tooth edge can also be obtained by applying appropriate templates on the outer diameter.

Hole Patterned Flight

Particular applications may require brushes, cutting elements or wear plates or the outer diameter. The correct positioning of cylindrical or countersunk holes is crucial for a correct coupling of the appendages.

Coned Flight

Cylindrical flight having a variable inner diameter promotes even drawdown in a full hopper situation. Also made with progressive pitches, are generally used to control the pressure / filling in the screw feeder.

Tapered Flight

Conical flight having a constant inner diameter promotes even withdrawal from bins or silos. Also made with progressive pitches, are commonly used for the dewatering of materials in the wastewater treatment sectors.

Twisted Angle Flight

Backwardly directed flights are commonly used as reinforcement of the main blade or in order to create a passage section of a coolant for controlling the product temperature in specific processes.

Hardfaced Flight

For each industrial application, we offer this process to be applied to any new part during production to increase its wear resistance.

Beveled Flight

Upon request, flights can be beveled on both ends to ensure proper connections. Chamfers can also be made on the outside diameter in favor of specific needs.

Screw Conveyor

Motridal America supplies to the main local and international manufacturers of screw conveyors. If you are looking for the complete machine do not hesitate to contact us. We can put you in touch with one of our well-established Partners. We believe highly in collaboration!

Packaging & Shipping

Packaging customization is another additional benefit. We offer tailored made crates and reinforced skids, which will provide you with further savings. For our international customers, we offer ISPM-15 Heat Treated pallets that come with everything they needed to be shipped internationally.

Under the Incoterms 2020 rules, Motridal America either can offer FCA or DAP services through its reliable carriers.